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Jul 15, 2019

Dream 1: Katie's Posey's dream with the Nazi's, Jewish Children and Paris 

3 Step Approach: T.E.A. = Titles, Emotions, Actions

  • Title 1 - Saving Jewish Children from the Nazi's 
  • Title 2 - Anxiety About Saving Jewish Children (& Consequences)
  • Title 3 - Fear of Escaping the Nazi's in Paris
  • Emotion 1 - Fear
  • Emotion 2 - Anxiety
  • Actions - Saving Children, Escaping

Literal Elements for Katie:

  • Katie is a Holocaust Researcher/Historian
  • Katie was going through a huge change at the time of this dream.
  • Katie was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety in real life at the time.

Dream Gems for This Dream:

  • Nazi's - Those who persecute others for different beliefs
  • Jewish Children - Could have represented Katie, as well as being a literal element because Katie works in that field.
  • Paris - For Katie, Paris represented a familiar, comfortable place she loves. She was going from a place she loved to moving to a new area literally.

Interpretation: The dream reflects that you were going through a difficult time of persecution in your life with much uncertainty which created a lot of fear and anxiety.

Type of Dream: Processing Dream: Processing the emotions of what she was experiencing at the time.

Source of Dream: Soul (Mind, Will, Emotions)


Dream 2: Jennifer's Dream of going to school in a van with others:

  • Title 1 - Along for the Ride
  • Title 2 - Picking up Cousin at School
  • Title 3 - Unexpected Family Time
  • Emotions felt positive, comfortable
  • Actions were going to school, returning from recess, along for a ride

Literal Elements for Jennifer:

  • This ended up being a foretelling dream that happened later in the day
  • She had been on recess from a group she was involved in
  • Cousin Cindy represents mothering, relatable, comfortable.
  • Private Schools for Jennifer represent education with more resources. She had been involved in a ministry that had more resources.

Dream Gems for this Dream:

  • Cousin Cindy - Motherly, Comfortable, Relatable
  • Van - A ministry 
  • Recess - having taken a break from ministry 
  • Elementary School - The length of time the ministry had been operating... just a short time.
  • Private School - A Private Ministry, A ministry with resources

Interpretation: The dream revealed Jennifer would soon return from a recess from ministry, being given an opportunity to participate in a ministry she's comfortable with, enjoys, and one that has many resources available. (This was also a PRIVATE ministry (like the school). Jennifer received an email later that day inviting her back!)

Type of Dream: Foretelling Dream - Something being shown to you prior to it happening.

Source of Dream: Spirit (Only God can know the future and it was for encouragement that she would be invited back into a ministry)


Jedi Dream Tips: 

  • Titling your dream is the most important part of interpretation
  • Emotions are usually the anchor to reality and what the dream is about.
  • Most dreams are us processing our emotions or issues.
  • One word can unlock entire dream
  • Dreams from God will have Scripture
  • Remember to give/get honest feedback vs. Constructive Criticism
  • Journal Your Dreams - Making notes of current events because most dreams are about what is currently going on.
  • Love is the anesthetic for truth - meaning, if you have to give difficult feedback, do it with a motive of sincere love.
  • Make sure to ask the dreamer tons of questions. Dreams are subjective and rely on THEIR frame of reference.
  • Context DRIVES the interpretation.


The Baby Name Book by Dorothy Astoria (includes meanings and scripture)