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Welcome to the Gateway to Dreams Dreamcast! We're here to help you learn how to simplify dream interpretation God's way and how to discover His voice in your everyday life.

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Your divine appointment awaits...

Jul 1, 2019

Teresa & Jennifer discuss several types of bathroom dreams and the possible meanings.

Miscellaneous topics discussed:

  • Bathroom Dreams in Public
  • Showering in a Church Naked
  • Titling Your Dreams
  • The Importance of Context
  • Interpreting INSIDE the dream, not after you awake
  • Using the 3 Step Process to interpret: T.E.A.
  • Titling each dream scene or climax
  • Emotions are often the anchor to reality
  • What showering might mean in dreams
  • 2 Profound Bathroom Dreams where God taught Teresa lessons
  • What bowel movements mean in dreams
  • What a toilet can represent in a dream
  • What constipation might mean in a dream
  • What diarrhea might mean in a dream
  • What filthy/dirty/unclean bathrooms might mean in a dream
  • What Sozo is/means
  • Washing your hands
  • Vanities in dreams
  • What mirrors might mean
  • Brushing your teeth in dreams
  • Distorted faces and what they mean in dreams
  • Urinating - Pressure
  • Confirmations in dreams
  • Getting ready in the bathroom
  • Morning and evening
  • Faces in the mirror
  • Teeth in the mirror
  • Hair in Dreams
  • Hairdressers in dreams
  • Flying Dreams
  • Bikes in Dreams - Pedals, spokes, riding, etc.
  • Jumping in Dreams
  • Planes in Dreams
  • What noses can mean in dreams
  • Why pastors might not like dream interpretation
  • 8200 Figures of speech in scripture and why it's important to understand symbolic ways God speaks
  • Derek Prince
  • The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength Dream really means.
  • Past, Present, and Future in dreams