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Welcome to the Gateway to Dreams Dreamcast! We're here to help you learn how to simplify dream interpretation God's way and how to discover His voice in your everyday life.

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Your divine appointment awaits...

Sep 2, 2019

Teresa and Jennifer discuss some animals in dreams, including:

Birds - Doves, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Mocking Birds and Birds of Prey

Horses, a saddle, and what noses mean

Cats - House cats and predator cats

Remembering to keep symbols in context, including snakes and spiders


Rats, Mice, Rodents


Jun 24, 2019

Teresa interviews Author and Publisher Lily Weaks, who shares two snake dreams she had and what they specifically meant for her.

Teresa and Lily also discuss how real life situations can be observed and interpreted.

Items discussed:

  • Snakes in general
  • Poisonous snakes
  • A snake with a black pattern
  • Water Moccasin...